The Waist Trainer Movement: Beyond The Kardashians by Anthony Baxter October 19, 2018

Waist trainers are the on pulse for the Kardashian dynasty, but why should they reap all the benefits? Men’s waist trainers are gaining traction, too!


The Kardashian clan is notorious for bringing us waist trainers for weight loss — it is simple and it is effortless — wear a waist trainer around throughout your day and shed the pounds. And while this received a cult following from women around the world, it piqued men’s interest, and not they too are on board for its slimming effects.

Muffin tops and flub don’t just affect women — it has no gender — which is why at Waist Game Tight, we offer both women’s and men’s waist trainers. Get on board or continue to carry that beer gut and learn more about men’s waist trainers in today’s post.


Waist Training is Not Corseting


Though the search for an hourglass figure is reemerging for women, waist training for both men and women is about reducing your size and losing weight, while corseting is for fun, costuming, and fashion. Men’s waist trainers are not the same as corseting.


What are the origins of waist trainers?


Believe it or not, waist trainers were exclusively made for men but there is a twist — in ancient Crete, waist trainers were fashioned to a warrior’s armor. Athletic ability equaled a small waist. Waist trainers were then worn by royalty and upper-class citizens who were people of leisure that had the time and money to sit around and wear one. Today, celebrities have put them on trend once again.


What do men’s waist trainers do?


Men’s waist trainers are similar to women’s, however, where women’s are crafted to provide an hourglass shape, the male version can be worn to shed weight and can also be used as a fitness belt when working out. Men are able to raise their core body temperature throughout their workout while sweating and inducing water weight-loss but also priming their bodies for fat-burning.

The waist trainer vest targets the abdomen and addresses visceral or stubborn belly fat that is notoriously hard to lose, and when this is incorporated into a regular workout, it can speed and support the process of natural weight loss!


What are the benefits of wearing a men’s waist trainer?


The benefits parallel those of what they do for women — an elevated core temperature to promote and stir rapid fat and weight loss. You’ll notice even the first time around how much more sweat is produced. Waist trainers for men also provide support to the lower back muscles and abdomen area, thus reducing lifting injuries or muscle strain during an intense sweat sesh! And, because you are raising your core temperature, your muscles are always warmed and primed helping to facilitate a faster recovery period.

Men! You too can benefit from waist trainers!

Where do men begin in buying a men’s waist trainer?

It is important to do a little research on companies who are making waist trainers for men. Keep in mind fit is the key feature is finding the right one, so it may take a little extra legwork to find one that both fits and is comfortable. Once you find a waist trainer that suits your needs, begin wearing it around — the more you wear the better weight loss results you will experience. Slowly build up in the length of time you wear and don’t go all in at first — listen to your body and if you are uncomfortable stop wearing it for a bit.

When are results typically seen?

Every body is different so it will vary from person-to-person. The truth of the matter is, those who have more to lose, will generally lose more weight, more rapidly.

Waist training is popular among both men and women and is popular for losing belly fat that is typically hard to eliminate. The waist trainer has many male fans in the health and wellness space because of the benefits that go beyond weight loss. Use it while lifting to keep your muscles warm throughout your workout, support your muscles while lifting heavy weights, and recover faster!


If you are new to waist trainers, give them a try! To find the perfect fit for your men’s waist trainer, connect with us today!